Marvel’s Avengers Weekly Update Introduces The Mega Hive Gauntlet Challenge

Crystal Dynamics has revealed the next Marvel’s Avengers community challenge, this week’s Priority Missions, and a small patch update. While the latest patch won’t fix several hundred issues that the last big update focused on, it will prevent a rare issue that could cause some players to lose progress. Another patch is being tested currently and it will address ongoing bugs as well as introduce new content and requested features.

The latest community challenge will once again require players to do plenty of smashing. If the global playerbase can take out 7,500,000 Adaptoids, a new Hulk nameplate will be unlocked. The Priority Missions for this week will feature tougher modifiers, such as increased projectile damage from all sources, fire hazards being added to the environment, and more-lethal melee damage.

The rewards on offer for a first successful completion will be more significant than just a mere nameplate, though. Players will be able to earn Epic-level gear, hero-specific items, and a new comic book for their collection that adds a 0.5% Critical Chance to their passive stats. The Mega HIVE challenge will also be active and is a single-player chain of eight missions that features an increased presence of Exos, a significant recharge rate for heroic powers, and no automatic recovery of willpower when critically injured.

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