Marvel’s Avengers: How Long Does It Take To Beat?

Marvel’s Avengers is coming tomorrow, after a brief early access period for Deluxe Edition owners. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are planning to make the live game last well into the future with additional characters and missions, but how long can you expect the base story content to last?

Based on the experiences of GameSpot staff, you can expect the story campaign to last around 10-14 hours. That time includes completing all of the story-crucial missions, marked with the Avengers “A” logo, as well as some side-missions.

Of course, that’s all contained strictly within the Campaign menu. That campaign is a self-contained story that unlocks the full team and awards you with some starting gear, but to really make the most of your heroes you’ll want to play the post-campaign content in the Avengers Initiative menu. That’s where Crystal Dynamics will be adding more heroes and limited-time events, including the Taking Aim event that will introduce Kate Bishop as the first DLC character.

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