Marvel’s Avengers Guides, Beginner’s Tips, And All You Need To Know To Succeed

If you’ve watched trailers for Marvel’s Avengers, you might assume it’s a straightforward story-driven single-player action game. And while you’re technically half-correct, there’s far more under the hood of this game than you might expect. In fact, Marvel’s Avengers has a multiplayer component that pushes the game into operating something more akin to a Destiny-like live-service experience complete with battle passes, challenges, and rare gear to collect.

As such, there’s a lot to cover and try to keep track of as you spend time playing through the early- and late-game hours Marvel’s Avengers. To help you succeed all across your journey, we’ve rounded up all of our essential guides, which include our beginner’s tips, hero guide, endgame explainer, and more.

If you’re more curious about the game’s quality, read editor Phil Hornshaw’s Marvel’s Avengers early impressions ahead of his final review. You can also check out our review roundup to see what other critics think about the game.

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