Madden 21 Patch Notes Include Some Major Changes (September 22)

Right on schedule, the fourth title update for Madden NFL 21 is now available, and it’s a big one. The September 22 patch introduces a series of new player abilities, makes fixes and tuning changes for several issues, and addresses bugs with Franchise, Madden Ultimate Team, and The Yard.

One of the most notable fixes in this patch is for the bug that could cause the kick meter to “hitch” during field goal tries. Many complained about the kick meter bugging out, causing frustration and missed extra points in some scenarios. In GameSpot’s Madden NFL 21 review, we said there was “fairly extreme lag” that could cause kicks to go array.

In terms of the new abilities, these include Run Committed and Pass Committed, which help defenders break up plays. Another new ability is called Deflator, and this causes increased fatigue-related penalties when using an aggressive tackle on a ball-carrier.

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