Looks like the Wild Hunt will be in Netflix’s Witcher Season 2

They’re wearing preferred shield over the Nilfgaardians.

Photographs of shooting occurring at Saunton Beach in Devon show what unquestionably resembles the Wild Hunt in a scene from Netflix’s transformation of The Witcher Season 2 (by means of Redanian Intelligence, who guarantee to have sources affirming that is what their identity is).

Players of the videogames will know the Wild Hunt as the last foes and caption of The Witcher 3, while perusers of the books will remember them from their quest for Ciri starting in the fourth book, Time of Contempt. Probably their job in the arrangement will be unique, and this could even be a short appearance setting them up to be enemies later on.

That hard dark shield appears to be suitable for the parade of creepy riders who, to maintain a strategic distance from spoilers, are portrayed like this in a book found in The Witcher 3: “From ranchers and herders, milkmaids to birthing specialists—all the regular society of the Continent murmur, sharing stories of a wraithly parade beating across the sky. The Wild Hunt, they call it. Winds and hurricanes, tempests and snowstorms emerge when it is located, and all develops chilly, however the sun shone brilliant minutes prior. Some recall just the cold from the stun they experience, and guarantee the Riders come consistently in winter. In any case, nay, this isn’t so—the Hunt brings its own ice.”

Recording of The Witcher was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic, just as a physical issue Henry Cavill endured on set, yet the subsequent season is on target for a delivery later in 2021. We’ve seen a portion of the increments to the cast as of now, including the entertainers depicting Philippa Eilhart, Nenneke, and Dijkstra.