Legendarily bad sex game BoneTown is returning to Steam

As though 2021 wasn’t terrible enough as of now.

In 2008 two school graduates who observed an excessive amount of South Park graced videogames with BoneTown, a game that took a gander at the Hot Coffee mod for GTA: San Andreas and said, “Imagine a scenario where that was a large portion of the game. Furthermore, there are no vehicles so you need to difficultly walk all over?” Though initially conveyed by means of their site, BoneTown made it onto Steam through Greenlight back in 2013, but in a blue-penciled form without nakedness called BoneTown: Mature Edition.

This mid year it will restore, uncensored, as BoneTown: The Second Coming Edition. As per the engineers, D-Dub Software, “this re-discharge has given us one more break at the game a large number of you have played and adored throughout recent years – and better believe it, we went a little over the edge. To such an extent that we concluded this isn’t a similar BoneTown any longer.” Apparently they’ll clarify what makes it diverse “soon”.

Some time ago, Dan Stapleton played BoneTown for us, saying, “No one should get it on its benefits as a game; it’s clearly a low-spending creation, with helpless activity, awkward craftsmanship and very little by the method of mechanics.” He thought that it was more exhausting than stunning, and summarized with, “Generally, I’d say the most stunning thing regarding it is that it experiences an astonishing plan oversight: the controls require two hands to work.”