Kingdom Hearts PC save files are tucked inside cute PNG images, because of course they are

The most irregular arrangement in gaming has an additional stunt at its disposal on PC.

Realm Hearts is prestigious for its charming however unnecessarily complex story, and obviously its unconventionalities don’t stop there, broadening even into its product plan. As found by Reddit client PerhapsUnexpected, apparently save records in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix are put away inside a solitary PNG picture. Truly!

The web detectives tracked down the bizarre 7MB picture while burrowing through the documents of the as of late delivered Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX PC port. They were presumably hoping to track down a run of the mill save record design like a .txt, yet everything they could discover were two PNG pictures—one with Mickey Mouse ears called System Data and another with Sora’s face called Save Data. Confounded, they had a go at opening the Sora picture with a hex supervisor and discovered what gives off an impression of being their save information implanted inside the PNG’s metadata. Watch the disclosure recorded by Perhaps underneath.

The entire thing is really odd. Notice that the actual picture isn’t concealing the information on its visual layer like some mysterious government agent code. The save is covered inside the picture’s metadata, fundamentally a side stockpiling territory inside the record that could hypothetically hold any straightforward information. Open the record with a standard picture watcher and all you’ll see is Sora’s face, yet feed it into a program searching for the metadata and you’ll discover the ones and zeros inside.

Things being what they are, the reason go to all the difficulty to combine saves with pictures? There’s no quickly clear benefit to this procedure past it being somewhat flawless. They unquestionably don’t save space (in the event that anything they somewhat swell the all out record size). It’s conceivable that Square Enix needs to make Kingdom Hearts saves effectively shareable via web-based media (you can’t transfer a book document to Twitter, for example). But, as ResetEra client departure calls attention to, some picture sharing administrations naturally take portions of the metadata from documents, which ruins the good times.

It’s additionally conceivable that Square Enix simply needed to make save records somewhat harder to reproduce than your norm .txt, however I need to envision there are preferred approaches to achieve that over PNGs. The reassure variants of Kingdom Hearts don’t seem to store saves a similar way, so this could be an action to guarantee the two stages aren’t viable.

I’ve never known about save documents installed in pictures before today, yet obviously Spore was accomplishing something comparable back in 2008. Client made animals in that game could be shared on an authority site as PNGs, with the exception of the save partition isn’t put away as isolated metadata, it in a real sense is the visual information. Several ResetEra clients said some grown-up games likewise utilize the metadata methodology to share custom characters. Huh.

Is it cool? Totally. Totally pointless? Certainly. Be that as it may, what else can be considered typical from an arrangement with titles, for example, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days? Obviously the arrangement’s presentation on PC accompanies its own unusual quality. I wouldn’t have it some other way.