Justice League’s Cinematographer Offers Up Behind-The-Scenes Shots On Instagram

The Snyder Cut is no longer simply a fan campaign, but an inevitability. Set to come out in 2021, the 2017 theatrical film has transformed into a 4-part miniseries that will air stream on HBO Max. As director Zack Snyder hypes the film, other members of the cast and crew are helping him get the word out. Hot on the heels of Snyder’s new trailer, we have some behind-the-scenes stills courtesy Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner’s Instagram.

The first shot features Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman looking at a mural of villain Darkseid while holding a torch. She’s also wearing some comfy-looking boots, but we’re going to guess that those probably won’t make it into the final shot. The photo is presumably from the same scene we saw in Snyder’s DC FanDome teaser back in June.

Another shot from Wagner gives us a look at Diane Lane as Martha Kent. Wagner calls the photo a “cheeky snapshot of the beautiful Diane Lane.” Wagner calls her lovely to work with and says he “can’t wait to see that scene.” This scene appears to be something new for Snyder’s version of the film.

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