Jordan Peele’s Next Horror Movie Gets 2022 Release Date

From the guy who co-created skits like East/West Bowl and the Substitute Teacher on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele have come two of the weirdest and best horror movies in recent memory: Get Out and Us (not to mention his Twilight Zone revamp). We wouldn’t have expected it either, but now, Jordan Peele’s name is all it takes to get us excited about an upcoming film–even if that’s literally all we know about it.

But now we know not only that Peele is working on his next horror movie, we now know when we can look forward to it. Universal set the release date for his next film this week. In hopes that movie theaters will have re-opened and returned to normal by then, Universal has Peele’s next film set for July 22, 2022. That’s just a week after Warner Bros’ third Fantastic Beasts film premieres (without Johnny Depp).

And that’s everything we know about the movie. Peele keeps details about his films close to the vest. Themes of racism unite both Get Out and Us, along with many of the best Key & Peele skits, but the two movies are otherwise different enough that we’re deeply curious about what Peele has in store. Get Out netted Peele an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and the two films have grossed an estimated $510 million for Universal.

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