Jackbox 8 comes this fall, Word Spud 2 not confirmed

The awful despots at Jackbox Games won’t allow me to have Word Spud 2.

Jackbox Games host reported that The Jackbox Get-together Pack 8 is coming this fall, with the essential five gathering games you’d anticipate from a Jackbox Party Pack. The designer presently can’t seem to declare which games will deliver in the pack, however the principal declaration is to come “before the finish of May (likely sooner).”

Further declarations will come before long, with takes a gander at the new games in the pre-fall. Jackbox Party Pack 8 will have a similar stuff you anticipate from Jackbox packs, such as utilizing your telephone and cooperating from the crowd. It’ll deliver on every one of the different stages they generally discharge these things on.

Above all, notwithstanding, Jackbox won’t give us Word Spud 2. They couldn’t care less, nay, they don’t stoop to give us Word Spud 2. They mock us: “WORD SPUD 2 WHEN” they give as an inquiry in their FAQ, to which they say “This isn’t expressed as an inquiry.” Because they are disgusting. “Search for the continuation, Word Spud 2, coming in the year 3145!” says the authority Word Spud page. Contemptible.

You can learn a greater amount of these toxic dogs and their damnably fun games upon the site jackboxgames.com.