IO Interactive’s 007 will be a wholly new ‘Bond for the gaming industry.’

The Hitman studio’s spy will not be some Brosnan knock-off.

IO Interactive’s interpretation of James Bond will not retread any of 007’s past excursions—nor will he take after any of the entertainers who’ve depicted the British superspy in the course of recent years.

In a meeting with IGN, IO CEO and co-proprietor Hakan Abrak clarified that the Hitman studio could possibly at any point have taken the rules on Bond on the off chance that it was given finished opportunity to make its own manifestation of 007—one that draws on the long history of the character, however is totally IO’s own.

“We’ve just done our own, unique IPs (protected innovation), correct? We’ve made these characters… ourselves, without any preparation,” Abrak said. “We’ve taken a great deal of non-business chances previously. Thus, as far as we might be concerned, it’s about… we need to feel it, somewhere inside. The energy should be there, so it was vital for us that it wasn’t a film transformation.”

Where past Bond games have worn a digitized Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery, IO needs to make an entirely unique “Bond for the gaming business.” EON, the flow Bond IP-holder, appears to concur with IO that this methodology would eventually make for a superior transformation.

“There’s consistently energy around another Bond. It’s stunning, how they have managed the establishment throughout the long term. Each Bond sort of characterizes an age and it’s astounding how they continued reevaluating themselves over such countless years. We’re enlivened by the entire thing, and simply sucking things into us to make a unique Bond, a unique story, yet that is totally evident and unmistakable in the qualities there is in Bond.”

We’d need nothing less from the people behind Hitman. All things considered, Agent 47 is the nearest thing gaming at present has to its own James Bond—but with somewhat less hair. In Hitman 3, Andy K felt that similarity was more obvious than any other time. I don’t question that the studio is entirely arranged to add its voice to the setup of entertainers and chiefs who’ve made a pass at 007 throughout the long term.

Yet, similarly, I’m more than prepared for IO’s planned set of three to end with 007 pulling off a hairpiece to uncover a bare head stepped with a scanner tag.