Intel’s making some seriously beefy GPUs too, just so you know

Investigate Intel Xe-HPC, an affirmed beefcake.

I realize we go on about Nvidia this and AMD that a ton with regards to GPUs, and which is all well and good, yet today denotes the day that Intel has something to spark gamer’s interest. It is anything but a gaming GPU, I’ll concede, yet damn in the event that is anything but a strong gorgeous chip in any case: the Intel Xe HPC GPU, codename ‘Ponte Vecchio’, new off the transport line and prepared for power on.

It’s an incredible bundle, as should be obvious. There are two discrete ‘Base’ chiplets, or what Intel would like to call ’tiles’, making up the GPU’s center. These probably contain 512 EUs a piece, for 1024 EUs altogether, yet we’re yet to hear the last loadout from Intel straightforwardly.

Encompassing every one of those are five tiles of fluctuating sizes. In any event four make certain to be HBM memory, those on the left-hand side of the GPU seem as though they fit the bill to me, while those excess are a blend of ‘Figure’, ‘Rambo Cache’, and ‘I/O’.

As a datacentre part, and bound for the Aurora Supercomputer, in general transmission capacity makes certain to be monster.

A portion of those tiles will be made on Intel 10nm SuperFin, Enhanced SuperFin, ‘Cutting edge’ (apparently 7nm), and outer foundry hubs.

Which is all integrated utilizing Intel’s Embedded Multi-kick the bucket Interconnect Bridge innovation, or EMIB for short, and Intel’s chip-stacking Foveros innovation.

So there’s certain to be something else under the surface the eye here.

More than everything else, notwithstanding, it’s an outright shocker. Regardless of whether it’s not bound for our gaming PCs—that is accompanying Xe-HPG later on—it’s acceptable to see a fresh out of the box new GPU with a little secret in 2021.