Intel accidentally confirms a bunch of different GPU specs for its new gaming Xe HPG cards

A snappy pursuit on has uncovered a large group of DG2 subtleties to look over.

Intel has unintentionally divulged a large group of insights concerning its impending discrete illustrations cards, including affirmed center checks and memory speeds. The new cards, made to match AMD and Nvidia in gaming GPUs, are called Intel Xe HPG. I know, not the most moving or dynamic of names, but rather it’s superior to the DG2 codename, which represents discrete illustrations 2.

That is to say, in any event it’s not another lake.

Whatever it’s called, @Komachi_Ensaka (by means of Videocardz) has uncovered a lot of reference material on itself, which is shockingly only accessible from the landing page. The reports uncovered from a speedy ‘DG2’ search are just open on the off chance that you have an approved sign in for the Intel asset focus. Which means you can get in just as an OEM accomplice, or such, however there is as yet an astounding measure of data given in the titles and pieces for the actual docs.

14Gbps ~ 18Gbps. 26, 2021

The most intriguing is the authority affirmation that there will undoubtedly be a full-fat 512 execution unit (EU) rendition of the DG2 GPU. That is the 4,096 center simple which might actually convey a similar kind of in general execution as the as of late dispatched Radeon RX 6700 XT.

Intel’s own documentation additionally subtleties 128 EU and 384 EU renditions of the DG2 GPUs, which would liken to 1,024 and 3,072 center simple chips. There could be no other genuine center subtleties doled out in the doc titles, yet they do take note of an aggregate of five distinctive GPU SKUs explicitly for the scratch pad side.

That could mean there are just three diverse center tallies, however varying degrees of memory support. Or on the other hand, that the gossipy tidbits about 96, 128, 196, 256, 384, and 512 EU adaptations of the DG2 are valid, and they’ll all discover a spot in the PCs and workstations of tomorrow. Indeed, later on this year in any case.

Videocardz has likewise discovered references to the various attachments that the 512 and 128 EU GPUs will use, with the previous welded into a 2660-pin ball matrix exhibit (BGA) attachment, and the last in a 1379-pin BGA attachment.

The site recommends, through a reference to DG2 in Tiger Lake H PCs, that DG2 will make a big appearance with those machines dispatching not long from now. Tying the underlying accessibility of its new discrete GPUs to its eleventh Gen gaming workstations bodes well as it permits Intel to firmly control the whole framework consistently. With an include card dispatch first, the Intel Xe HPG cards would be helpless before the horde frameworks the PC stage is home to, and who understands what improvement more established CPUs, distinctive motherboards, and odd memory arrangements may have on the pristine GPUs.

Dispatching in a PC initially would make it far simpler for Intel to approve and streamline the GPUs and drivers for those accurate frameworks before they get in the possession of analysts or the overall population.

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The last piece of the riddle uncovered in these doc titles and scraps is a note about illustrations memory. The Intel Xe HPG cards will dispatch with help for GDDR6 and can work with information paces of 14 GT/s up to 18 GT/s.

Anyway, what does this mean? Fundamentally, it’s going on, it’s truly occurring. I couldn’t say whether I truly figured Intel would arrive at where it planned to deliver a real discrete gaming GPU, at any rate not this year. In any event, when Jacob had the DG1 in his grasp, I actually attempted to accept that there would be a gaming-skilled subsequent that may really hit my test rig.

However, from the mystery trailer to the main Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt (where every one of the prizes have effectively been guaranteed, whatever they were), and the expanding number of subtleties hitting the virtual worlds, we’re doubtlessly must stand by any longer to really see whether there truly is a third way out of the current designs card emergency.