Innersloth explains why Among Us updates are ‘taking so long’

Nobody was ready for Among Us to turn into the probably the greatest round of 2020—in particular engineer Innersloth, who this week clarified that crafted by rebuilding to stay aware of the game’s dangerous achievement is the reason refreshes are taking longer that normal.

In the game’s first engineer update of 2021 Innersloth clarifies all and the appropriate response, obviously, is that the three-man group wasn’t ready for a two-year-old game to turn out to be well known to the point that US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would wind up streaming it. Twice.

“Among Us acquired unbelievable foothold pretty late into 2020 that we weren’t expecting, and that implied A LOT of progress for us,” network chief Victoria Tran composed. “Not to jump into a lot of hierarchical stuff, but rather in addition to the fact that we needed to switch back to dealing with Among Us in the wake of reasoning it was done, yet we additionally expected to set ourselves up more reasonably to chip away at the game.”

Keeping that in mind, Innersloth has been rebuilding itself inside—going from three companions slamming games together to an organization that can manage this scale and backing the game in the long haul. The notoriety of Among Us likewise prompted comfort ports, which accompany their own layers of affirmation and backing to welcome ready.

The update reaffirms that the devs are working diligently on the game’s impending Airship map—and that while it’s taking somewhat more than they’d like, tenacious records are still headed to assist battle with offing con artists. Innersloth is additionally working on a public guide to give more straightforwardness on the game’s future.

Among Us is in a beautiful sound state generally speaking, with a future that looks anything besides sus. The game is currently accessible on both Steam, Itch and (all the more as of late) the Epic Games Store—and if individuals aren’t playing one of the many thump offs, they’re making The Thing-motivated fan movies, or challenging each other with Habanero-imbued crewmate treats.