Indie publisher Playism is closing its DRM-free store this month

Playism, a division of Active Gaming Media, has been carrying western non mainstream games to Japan and limiting specialty Japanese games for the west since 2011. It as of late supported games like Fight Crab, Umurangi Generation, and Omori, and in the past brought English forms of games like Kero Blaster (a platformer from the maker of Cave Story), The Silver Case (an early visual novel by Suda 51), and the Touhou arrangement to PC.

While large numbers of Playism’s games are accessible through Steam and GOG, it additionally kept up its own retail facade with without drm renditions of its games. In spite of the fact that Playism will proceed as a distributer, it has reported it will stop selling games straightforwardly through its site on March 24.

Moreover, the My Page segment for bought games will be closed down on May 10. In the event that you own any games on Playism, it’s suggested that you download duplicates before at that point, and in the event that you’ve purchased a game through Playism that accompanied a Steam key you ought to enact it before that date.

As Playism clarifies, “With the end of the My Page highlight, redownloading of recently bought substance and reacquisition of Steam keys will presently don’t be conceivable, so if it’s not too much trouble, make certain to appropriately make any vital buys and save any bought content/post-buy information/and so on as needed before the above-recorded dates.”

There’s likewise a note that aficionados of Playism’s work shouldn’t stress over its future, saying, “we need to accentuate the way that it is ONLY the PLAYISM official site  that will stop the offer of games/content, and that we will proceed with our game/content appropriation on Steam and for home game consoles, for example, the Nintendo Switch, and so forth” The FAQ on Playism’s site has more data.