In this new horror game you are a cat, and your name is Biscuit

Made by From Scratch Studios, a little two-man non mainstream group, Etched Memories is a loathsomeness game featuring a feline with a pained past. Also, truly, when I read that, I needed to play it—also the way that the feline’s name is Biscuit. Bread roll! The game is a lot of still being developed, yet a demo has recently been delivered to give you a thought of what’s in store.

“Awakening amidst a turbulent evening, a dim cat named Biscuit discovers his mother no place in sight,” peruses the game’s Steam page, which portrays Etched Memories as a *deep breath* first-individual and third-individual independent repulsiveness feline reproduction game. “Feel what it resembles to be Biscuit as he looks for his mother through the recollections he has clung onto.”

I played the demo and, while it’s quite harsh around the edges, there’s something entirely pleasant about sneaking around as a feline. It causes you to feel little, in a way games normally don’t, as you investigate the game’s dull, blustery forest setting. I likewise love that you can get stuff and explore it, similar to how you study hints in L.A. Noire, however with a textured paw rather than a hand.

It’s unmistakable this demo is a proof-of-idea, and the engineer concedes there’s far to go. “In the full form of the game, there will be extraordinary areas and easter eggs all through the guide that can be found from climbing around,” the portrayal peruses. “Nonetheless, if it’s not too much trouble, note that this demo won’t have these highlights and the backwoods won’t be as populated.”

No delivery date has been set for Etched Memories, however I envision it will not be out for some time. From Scratch is right now hoping to recruit proficient character specialists and artists to assist with the undertaking. Up to that point, the demo should do. I’ll be watching out for this as improvement proceeds, and expectation the makers will do Biscuit’s story equity.