In the new Life is Strange, emotional teen melodrama is your superpower

However, would we be able to expect a Cyndi Lauper appearance?

As an arrangement, Life Is Strange is characterized by two things—heavenly powers and loaded teenager feelings. Declared today, Life Is Strange: True Colors unites those components, following the account of Alex Chen, a young lady who can see, feel and control the sensations of others.

Created by Before The Storm designer Deck Nine Games, True Colors follows Alex as she reunites with her sibling Gabe in Haven Springs, a postcard-delightful little mountain town. Yet, when Gabe abruptly bites the dust in an obvious mishap, Alex is hauled into a snare of show that compels her to grapple with her forces.

Obviously, Alex can picture the feelings of others as brilliant, consuming emanations around them. On occasion, we see her utilization this to more readily relate to outsiders and comprehend their battles. Be that as it may, those feelings can likewise ‘contaminate’ her, making her own feelings twisting. Utilizing this force is urgent to diving into the privileged insights underneath Haven Springs’ forcefully twee outside—yet pushing them too hard may accompany its own dangers.

Alex isn’t only a powerfully talented empath, mind. Real nature’s hero is likewise something of a vocalist, carrying the game a melodic component with fronts of tunes from any semblance of Radiohead and Phoebe Bridgers performed by mxmtoon. The present introduction in any event, including a short bit of Alex playing out an individual karaoke fave, Creep.

Life Is Strange is likewise at long last discarding the rambling configuration, with True Colors delivering as a solitary independent story (however there’ll still be unmistakably characterized parts checking valid statements to bounce on or off). The Ultimate Edition of True Colors additionally accompanies the Life is Strange Remastered Collection, refreshing the first Life Is Strange and Before The Storm with improved visuals and livelinesss.

Life Is Strange: True Colors is coming to Steam, the Windows Store and Google Stadia on September tenth, 2021.