Immortals Fenyx Rising now has a free demo and new DLC

You would now be able to evaluate Ubisoft’s open-world legendary experience without spending a penny.

Immortals Fenyx Rising got me a smidgen off guard. It was at first uncovered in 2019 as Gods and Monsters, which I thought made for a lovely cool handle, however was renamed a year later to its current, confusingly-spelled title. I didn’t know what to think about the change however it didn’t strike me as clear uplifting news, nor did our 2020 review, where we stated, “essentially, it’s a Ubisoft game,” but a lovely charming one.

Be that as it may, at that point it ended up being great—a carefree, mindful comedic experience worked around, yet not shackled to, components of Greek folklore. The specialists weren’t exactly as refined as they could be, however in general, “Immortals is anything but difficult to like,” we said in our 75% survey. “It has an irresistible energy, an incredible comical inclination, and a world that is loaded with shading and life.”

You would now be able to test Immortals Fenyx Rising yourself on account of another demo that is currently accessible on the Epic Games Store. The demo includes a smidgen of everything—battle, investigation, and puzzle-tackling—yet isn’t a bit of the game. Another mission was made only for the demo. In it, you’ll find the strange mystery of the Cyclops on an archipelago propelled by Aphrodite’s district of the game.

Ubisoft additionally delivered the Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God DLC today, which adds the Olympos Palace, new ongoing interaction mechanics, and four new capacity updates.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God is accessible as an independent buy for $15, or as a feature of the three-DLC season pass that goes for $40.