Immortals: Fenyx Rising Has 3 DLC Expansions And Free Post-Launch Content Coming

Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Ubisoft’s upcoming foray into the Greek mythological world of (to use the game’s original name) gods and monsters, will receive post-launch content drops and DLC. The game’s $40 season pass will consist of three DLC drops, each of which will introduce new areas to play through.

The first DLC, A New God, has you playing as Fenyx again after the end of the campaign. It takes place in Olympus Palace, and sees Fenyx taking on the Trials of the Olympians under the eyes of the Greek gods.

The next two DLC releases will take players to different places. Myths of the Eastern Realm, the second DLC, introduces Ku as a playable character with a unique new fighting style. This one is based on Chinese mythology rather than Greek. The third, The Lost Gods, returns to Greek myth but reinvents the game as a top-down brawler. The new hero this time is called Ash, and they’re trying to bring back–as the name suggests–lost gods.

You can check out a trailer for the Season Pass below.

There will also be a bonus quest for Season Pass owners, where Fenyx teams up with Hermes for an adventure. On top of all of this, you can expect regular free content drops following the game’s release.

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