I finally figured out Astralis’ weakness

I finally figured out Astralis’ weakness

OK, as we all know for the last couple of months Astralis have been the top dog, but still they have suffered a few losses and i think i've found their kryptonite.

In the last three months they have only suffered four real losses: first a 2-1 series against Na'Vi, then the two series' at stockholm against North and now at the major a grueling bo1 against NiP. Now i ask you, what do these three teams have in common? THATS RIGHT, THEY ALL START WITH THE LETTER 'N'.

You must be kidding OP i hear you typing, thats just a coincedence, well how is this for coincedence: not a single one of the players on Astralis (dev1ce, dupreeh, gla1ve, Magisk and Xyp9x) have an N in their name. "Yeah, ok" your probably thinking "but isn't that true for a lot of teams, its not like n is that common of a letter…" WELL THINK AGAIN FUCKER, of all the 16 teams in the legends stage of the FaceIt London Major Astralis is THE ONLY team with no n's. Dont believe me? check for yourself.

But i suppose even with all that it could still be a coincedence that Astralis are missing a letter every other team has. It's not like they're actively avoiding it… but oh wait lets look to our good friend the clutchmeister himself, Xyp9x. Many have pondered and guessed how his name is supposed to be pronounced. The two main camps being SYP-EX and SYP-NIX, but the man himself has continually stated that the correct way of pronouncing it is, WITHOUT. THE. N. I rest my case.

In conclusion: Astralis are clearly deathly afraid of the letter n as it seems to also be their greatest weakness. For this reason drawing Na'Vi in the first round seems somewhat cruel, but in general watch out for players with n's (like Niko, KeNNyS, NAF and suNNy) to have big performances against the danes.

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