Hulu Original Series To Also Debut On Peacock

The upcoming children’s animated series Trolls: TrollsTopia will see its debut on two different streaming platforms on the same day: Hulu and Peackock. Typically, this would be a huge head-scratcher, as streaming services tend to retain exclusive ownership over their programming, but there is a reasonable explanation for this.

Trolls: TrollsTopia is an animated series that follows the colorful DreamWorks characters on their next adventures. Both Peacock and Hulu released brand-new trailers for the show on their individual YouTube accounts for the show. So this may be a tad confusing for some people. Is this a Peacock original or a Hulu original?

Hulu has multiple owners. Many people tend to associate the service with Disney–as you can bundle Hulu with Disney+ and ESPN+–but it actually has more than one owner. Disney owns 67% of Hulu, but Comcast–Peacock’s parent company–owns 33%. So that’s how both streaming services can debut this show.

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