Hugh Jackman To Ryan Reynolds After Fake Feud Ends: “Everybody Hates You”

Helping close out 2020 with a rare bit of closure, Hugh Jackman has been named the winner in an ongoing and over-the-top war against Ryan Reynolds in who could raise the most for charity. Since the competition began in November, Sam’s Club clocked purchases of Laughing Man coffee (which supports coffee farming communities) for Jackman and Aviation American Gin (which supports the SickKids Foundation) for Reynolds. According to a video tweeted by Reynolds–which he says he “quite literally” has “a legal obligation to post”–it has been announced that Jackman is the winner.

While, yes, the “war” was for a good cause, basically the video above is a long-burning fuse for a quick and pretty funny joke. Sam’s Club CEO Kath McLay gives the Australian actor a Skype call to congratulate him on emerging victorious, and then mentions she’s dreading calling Reynolds next to deliver the bad news.

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