How to watch tonight’s Final Fantasy 14 expansion reveal livestream

The fourth Final Fantasy 14 extension is being uncovered this evening, here’s beginning and end you need to know.

In case you’re a Final Fantasy 14 player, this evening will be one of the greatest, most energizing long stretches of 2021. In only a couple hours, Square Enix will pull the canvas off an entirely different development—expected to dispatch in the not so distant future—and disclose a colossal measure of data about where players will go through the following two years of their experience. Last Fantasy 14’s developments have all been great, yet its present Shadowbringers extension has raised the MMO to turn out to be presumably the best Final Fantasy game ever. It’s that acceptable!

Clearly that implies whatever Square Enix has available for around evening time should be great in the event that it desires to top the eagerness players have for Shadowbringers.

In earlier years, new extensions were constantly revealed at Final Fantasy 14’s yearly Fanfest show. Because of COVID-19, having a major, public celebration isn’t actually possible, so Square Enix has taken the whole thing on the web.

The Final Fantasy 14 declaration feature starts at 5:30 PM PDT/8:30 PM EST.

Square Enix didn’t determine how long the occasion will last, yet given the inside and out uncovers of past extensions, I’d suggest putting aside two hours in the event that you need to watch the entire thing. Notwithstanding uncovering the extension’s name, topic, and setting, we expect striking engineers like Naoki Yoshida to dive deep on the new story and zones. In earlier years, the advancement group has even set aside the effort to layout new supervisor fights, the way of life and foundation of various locales, and then some. In case you’re into FF14’s story, it’s most likely something you shouldn’t miss. One thing to recollect, however, is that in case you’re not at present made up for lost time with Final Fantasy 14’s story, there will probably be spoilers for the past developments.

The occasion can be watched in a couple of better places. At the point when the show starts, we’ll update this page with an install of the Twitch livestream, however you can watch it straightforwardly here. There’s additionally a YouTube transfer and a Niconico transfer you can tune into.

Square Enix has likewise said that however the occasion will be spilled in Japanese, all that will be deciphered into English.