How To Unlock THPS 1 + 2 Mods And Cheats, And What They Do

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Remastered is out now and I’m sure many of you folks out there playing it want to mess around with cheats or mods. Well, to get them all, it’s quite simple: Just complete the THPS 1 and THPS 2 tours and you’ll unlock them.

You have the most useful ones right off the bat, though. Mods like perfect balance, no bailing, and full special meter are available as assists, which come in handy if you’re having trouble with some aspects of the tours–there’s also no consequence or drawback from using them outside of ranked modes. However, the more silly ones are locked behind finishing the tours. Once you complete the THPS 1 tour, you get Skater Size–you can be massive and take up most of the screen, or you can be vewy smol and make it impossible to see what tricks you’re doing.

After finishing the THPS 2 tour, you get a few more mods. These include doubling the base score of your tricks, further modifying your skater’s stats in session, and some graphics filters. The filters are “Green Boy” that makes things look greenish like an old Game Boy, “Inverted” which inverts the color spectrum, “Black and White” which is self-explanatory, and “Old Timey” that looks like a sepia tone effect.

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