How To Transfer Xbox One Games And Saves To Series X/S

The Xbox Series X and Series S launched this week, marking a new generation and a significant upgrade from the previous gen. But this brave new era also marks a fuzzier line than console generations past, thanks to plentiful next-gen upgrades and backwards compatibility. You’ll want to carry your game progress forward, which means transferring your saves. And to do this, you have a few options.

Importing Cloud Saves

The easiest by far is to use Microsoft’s cloud saves. This is all taken care of automatically, and the save data is associated with your Xbox Live profile. An Xbox Live Gold subscription isn’t required for the cloud save functionality, so as long as you have any Xbox Live profile, your saves are uploading to the cloud automatically. That means that once you sign in to your Xbox Series X or Series S with your existing profile, the cloud saves will download and let you pick up right from where you left off.

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