How To Mute The PS5 Controller’s Microphone

The PlayStation 5 controller is easily one of the more impressive pieces of technology that comes with Sony’s next-gen console. It has a number of advanced features built into it, such as adaptive triggers, more sophisticated haptic feedback, and its own internal microphone. One feature that the controller doesn’t have though is a default mute state, something users might want to change for the sake of privacy and security.

Doing so is easy enough, as there are two paths you can take. One mutes your controller quickly until you switch it off, the other is a more permanent solution.

How to quickly mute your PS5 controller

PS5 microphone mute button
PS5 microphone mute button

Just press the button above the PlayStation icon and it’ll be set to mute until you press it again or switch the console and controller off. You’ll also know that you’ve enabled the mute function as the PS5 informs you when the function has been activated.

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