How To Best Manage PS5 Storage Space

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is out now, and it features a whole suite of games that show off what’s to come with the next-generation of 4K media and gaming. In addition to new releases like Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Astro’s Playroom, the PS5 also supports an extensive list of PS4 games available for backwards compatible play. Simply put, the PS5 at launch does not have a shortage of games to play and download. However, with an extensive library of games, most of which are continuing the trend of games with large files sizes, you’ll have to be a bit more mindful about managing your data.

The PS5 comes with a 825GB SSD for storage, about 667GB of which is free for you to use. With the growing size of games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War–which sits around 200GB–the available real estate in your PS5 can quickly fill up. That’s a problem, because PS5 games must be installed to the internal drive, and cannot be moved to external storage. (Backwards-compatible games can be stored and played externally.) Currently, you cannot expand your internal storage at this time, but Sony has stated that PS5 owners will be able to sometime in the future. With this issue in mind, we wanted to offer some tips on how best to optimize and maximize your storage space for your new PlayStation 5.

PS5 Storage Tips

Prioritize The Games You Want To Keep: One of the crucial things you’ll need to do with your next-gen console is keep an eye on your available storage space. It’s never fun purchasing a new game and then discovering that you lack the open storage to download it. Every game you have in your library will take up space in your console’s SSD, and this also includes game discs that will need to load data onto your drive. While you may have the urge to download all your most wanted games at once, it’s best to focus on the essentials. You will always have access to purchased games in your account library, so even when you delete the game from your drive, you can still download it again later if you want to revisit the game.

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