How PS5’s SSD And 3D Audio Are Being Used By Horizon Forbidden West, Miles Morales, And More

As we inch closer and closer to the holiday season that has both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 waiting in the wings, it’s probably about time we start hearing about some of each console’s defining features. In the case of the PS5, Sony has let developers explain why the inclusion of its super-fast SSD and implementation of 3D audio are potential game-changers.

The speed and architecture of the SSD allows for games to access data both more efficiently and quickly, as Sony’s Mark Cerny explained in detail earlier this year. What that means for game’s in practice is little to no load times, faster movement speeds through larger worlds, or potentially new game experiences that haven’t been envisioned yet.

As Neil Hill, lead programmer on Far Cry 6, explains in the latest PlayStation Blog post: “The SSD is a gamechanger, I think as this generation matures we will see some amazing innovation in streaming and open-world game design.”

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