Horizon Zero Dawn PC updates will be slowed so Guerrilla can focus on its next game

With Horizon Zero Dawn fix 1.10 now live, designer Guerrilla Games says it will slow the speed of updates for the game on PC so it can zero in on its next game, Horizon Forbidden West.

“As our group proceeds with improvement on our forthcoming title Horizon Forbidden West, we are moving to less regular updates for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC after this fix. Kindly note that we will keep on checking our locale spaces as usual!” Guerrilla said.

“We need to thank you for your proceeded with help and for sending in your accident reports over the previous months. The data we got through your reports was significant to additionally research and help fix a portion of the trickier issues that we fixed in Patch 1.10.”

Skyline Zero Dawn came to PC under a half year back (and is astounding), however it’s been around on the PlayStation 4 reassure for a very long time, so it’s not amazing that Guerrilla might want to devote its consideration regarding something different. However, the PC discharge additionally got off to an unpleasant beginning for certain players: While it ran totally fine for a few, including our senior equipment proofreader Jacob Ridley, it experienced huge execution and crash issues for other people, including our analyst Dave Meikleham. Guerrilla pushed various bug fixes in genuinely short request pointed toward smoothing the experience, and dependent on the reaction to this report on Steam it seems like that circumstance has improved extensively.

Guerrilla’s next game, Horizon Forbidden West, was declared in June 2020 and is required to be out in the not so distant future, however it has not yet been affirmed for PC. I’ve contacted Sony to get some information about that, and will refresh on the off chance that I get an answer.

Meanwhile, here’s the Horizon Zero Dawn 1.10 fix notes: