Hooray, World of Warcraft’s next big update hits beta servers in just two weeks

Fix 9.1 will be the principal significant fix for Shadowlands, and it’s now bound to happen.

Universe of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ 9.1 update will hit the Public Test Realm in “around fourteen days,” Blizzard affirmed in a discussion post today. It’s phenomenal information for WoW players who are becoming exhausted of Shadowlands, as the update, named Chains of Domination, will bring another attack, uber prison, story missions, and another subzone in the Maw to investigate.

Snowstorm didn’t share any new subtleties in the concise declaration post, however realizing that Chains of Domination will enter beta before long is incredible information—however it’s reasonable the full delivery is still months away.

It’s an issue that probably comes from the Covid pandemic and its effects on the videogame business. Shadowlands was at that point deferred a month at discharge, and when Blizzard divulged Chains of Domination back in February, their uncover livestream felt regrettably light on subtleties. Plainly, despite the fact that numerous players were at that point starting to feel burnt out on Shadowlands’ dispatch content, it planned to take significantly more for Chains of Domination to be prepared.

Back in February, I crunched the numbers on the hole between another WoW development and its first significant fix and discovered that Shadowlands is on target to be the longest players have needed to stand by among discharge and a x.1 update. It is anything but an incredible circumstance to be in, as numerous players, similar to me, are rapidly getting exhausted of the endgame crush and searching for something new.

Chains of Domination is promising to be a major update that will ideally merit the stand by. We actually realize next to no about what the update will contain and how new zones like Korthia will redo the endgame, yet once the fix hits the PTR on April 14 that ought to give a few answers.

That doesn’t imply that Chains of Domination will be delivering any time soon, however. As Wowhead takes note of, the last scarcely any significant patches were all beta tried for around a few months. That implies Chains of Domination may be prepared for a full delivery some time in June or July, but at the same time all things considered, the fix could require significantly more work and probably won’t be out until later this late spring. In any case, the stand by will feel extra long.

For more data on Chains of Domination, look at our total outline. Also, in case you’re now feeling exhausted, might I recommend investing your WoW energy by chasing down some cool mounts so in any event you can look exhausted while riding a mythical beast?