Hitman 3’s location import function will be live by the end of February

IO Interactive says it has the issue sorted out, and simply needs to ensure that everything is working appropriately.

Hired gunman 3 is a marvelous completion to the World of Assassination set of three: “A grand videogame and an ideal swansong for Agent 47,” we said in our 90% survey. It’s so acceptable, it has Fraser soddenly fantasizing about getting offed with a banana. It’s simply that acceptable.

The lone thing damaging the game, indeed, is IO Interactive’s guarantee that Hitman 3 players would have the option to import their Hitman 2 possession, opening those guides at no additional charge.

This worked without issue on consoles, however ended up being trickier than anticipated on PC since Hitman 3 is an Epic Store elite while Hitman 2 is just on Steam. IO previously attempted to stroll back the guarantee by offering a Hitman 2 “Access Pass” at a markdown, and when that neglected to fly (huge amazement) said that it would sort out some method of guaranteeing that the underlying guarantee of free admittance to Hitman 2 areas could be kept.

The drawback is that the sorting out cycle would take some time, implying that the capacity to import Hitman 2 areas would be turned out “in the coming weeks,” after Hitman 3’s dispatch. It’s been out for over about fourteen days now there’s still no indication of that usefulness, yet another update to the “Known Issues” list on the Hitman discussions says that it will be delivered before the current month’s over.

“While we’ve been occupied with dispatching Hitman 3, we’ve likewise been chipping away at the guaranteed answer for permitting PC players to import areas that they effectively own into Hitman 3 on Epic,” the update says. “We have that arrangement worked out and it’s at present being tried and checked from all points to make it as hearty as could be expected. As far as timing, it’s very an instance of in the near future. Indeed, even with the longest gauges we’ve taken a gander at, the arrangement will be completely turned out before the finish of February. We’ll keep you refreshed with the subsequent stages.”

There’s no sign with regards to how it will function, yet ideally it will be less an issue than the cycle needed to import your advancement from Hitman 2.

IO additionally said that it’s mindful of three different issues presently tormenting the game, and is dealing with fixes for those also.