Hitman 3 will retroactively optimise the first two games

Better reflections, more modest document sizes

Contract killer 3 might be glancing horrendously sharp in Game Informer’s new ongoing interaction film—yet it shows up Agent 47’s past trips will likewise be getting a spit-sparkle when the set of three closer shows up in the not so distant future.

Following the trailer’s presentation on New Year’s Eve, an engineer at IO Interactive took to ResetEra to clarify a portion of the specialized enhancements the group is retroactively applying to Hitman 1 and 2. First of all, every one of the three games have had their document structures improved, fitting the whole set of three into a clean 100GB.

“One thing I consider all you will be glad to hear is that we have figured out how to get the size of the game down fundamentally,” the IO dev composed. “Each of the three games with all substance will take up around 100GB.”

“Greatest successes are a direct result of information the board and document structures and how we convey the game so we could eliminate copy information. We additionally use fresher and better pressure for surfaces—that helps as well.”

Notwithstanding being packed into a more modest bundle, the initial two Hitmen are additionally getting little visual overhauls. Contract killer 3 adds screenspace reflections to the motor, a visual update that is ended up being in reverse compatible with the past games. Those utilized clunkier, more costly methods of dealing with reflections (viably delivering the whole scene twice), however the IO dev figures the upgrades inhale new life into a portion of the arrangement’s more seasoned stages.

“We certainly hade appearance in the other two games, yet we have without a doubt redesigned the motor with screenspace reflections thus there will be substantially more reflected goodness this time around. For instance, the Paris style show catwalk floor is currently completely mirroring the models and the remainder of the room, making the entire situation look much more noteworthy.”

While not expressly expressed, the outlining of “in reverse similarity” proposes this’ll apply to the old games themselves, and not simply the old stages remembered for the Hitman 3 customer.

Contract killer 3 escapes on January 20 as an Epic Games Store select, however IO guarantee your advancement from Hitman 2 will persist from Steam. It’ll additionally be the last Hitman game for quite a while, as IO get ready to serve up a so far untitled James Bond game.