Hitman 3 DLC is ‘definitely’ coming, IO Interactive says

The studio is taking a gander at ‘reconsidering’ existing areas, and furthermore has its eye on future Hitman experiences.

The Hitman set of three is finished and work on another James Bond game (which could likewise turn into a set of three) is in progress, however designer IO Interactive isn’t finished with Agent 47 at this time. Chief maker Forest Swartout Large disclosed to The Gamer that Hitman 3 DLC is coming, despite the fact that it’s not exactly clear precisely what structure it will take at this time.

“We are unquestionably going to do some DLC, yet we haven’t characterized what that is,” Large said. “I think for the present we are not taking a gander at new guides like the bank and the island.”

“We’re all the more seeing utilizing existing areas and rethinking them, winding them. Furthermore, this time around, we can utilize the entire set of three. We can glance back at Hitman 2016 guides, Hitman 2 guides—we have all the areas.”

Huge likewise implied (once more, nothing unexpected here) at the arrival of Agent 47 for some post-Hitman 3 antics, saying, “We’re consistently dealing with Hitman so we are as of now planning ahead.”

That IO Interactive will keep the Hitman 3 wheels turning isn’t at all unforeseen. As we said recently, it’s a hit, man, not simply fundamentally—we considered it the studio’s “generally innovative and amazing death sim yet,” which is a serious accomplishment for a gamer arrangement that has been near (and created by a similar studio) for over 20 years—however monetarily too: It required only multi week for the game to recover its expenses and spill into benefit.

IO has recently affirmed that Elusive Targets will return for Hitman 3, for certain progressions to the equation that haven’t yet been uncovered, and these “rethought” levels may make a solid match for that.

For a more profound plunge into the work that went into making Agent 47’s best in class experience, make certain to look at our glance back at the creation of the covertness show-stopper Hitman set of three—and for something somewhat extraordinary, put in a few minutes seeing the cheerful, bonkers magnificence of the Hitman hittingmen including cheeseburgers to cannonballs. Trust me, it merits your time.