Hideo Kojima’s book will be published in English this year

In spite of the fact that not under its unique title, ‘The Gifted Gene and My Lovable Memes’.

The originator, essayist, and overseer of videogames including Snatcher, Policenauts, Death Stranding, and, gracious no doubt, those Metal Gear Solid things, Hideo Kojima has likewise composed a book. An assortment of papers distributed in Japan in 2019, it’s about the mainstream society that enlivened and affected his way to deal with games. Also, it incorporates a discussion with performer Gen Hoshino, who shows up on the Death Stranding soundtrack and whose late-night public broadcast Kojima was a visitor on.

The Japanese release was distributed with the English title ‘The Gifted Gene and My Lovable Memes’. Which is interesting yet maybe a slight mistranslation, given that the presentation for the soft cover release gave it all the more reasonably as ‘The Memes I Love’. In English Kojima’s book will be distributed with a less idiosyncratic title as The Creative Gene, and the caption ‘How books, films, and music propelled the maker of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid’.

The Creative Gene will be distributed on October 12, 2021, by Viz Media.