Here’s What Xbox Series X And Series S Look Like Up-Close

Microsoft has now announced the Xbox Series X and Series S, a dual-console approach that offers a lower-cost next-gen option next to the high-end system. Both consoles are releasing on November 10, and in the meantime, we can take a closer look at how they stack up and compare with each other.

GameSpot was provided two dummy systems–an Xbox Series X and Series S–and put them through their paces with plenty of photos. The gallery below shows off both systems with more fine details than we’ve seen in the official shots from Microsoft. We’ve also lined up the systems next to each other to give a better idea of how their sizes compare.

And just in case you’re looking at your entertainment center and trying to figure out where the new systems will fit, we’ve also compared both consoles to other current-gen systems like a PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Sorry, no banana for scale.

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