Here’s what the original Counter-Strike’s best map looks like, 20 years later

Dust2 2020 demonstrates the old game can in any case make some shocking front lines.

As seemingly Counter-Strike’s best guide, Dust2 has been revamped and remixed on many occasions in those many years—not least by Valve, whose most recent interpretation looks ages in front of that dusty orange unique. Be that as it may, in the course of the most recent couple of months, one mapper has been caught up with refreshing the famous guide inside the requirements of the first Counter-Strike.

The final product is Dust 2020, a guide so shocking it opposes the impediments of the game’s maturing motor.

Made by craftsman Daniil Lebedev, Dust2 2020 doesn’t simply refresh the first guide—it grows it, adding altogether new courses and a verticality that never existed. A visit from YouTuber 3Kliksphilip shows off these new ways, yet in addition jumps into a portion of the specialized accomplishments Lebedev has achieved with the seriously restricted motor.

It’s honestly amazing what the mapper has figured out how to pull off. In lieu of even the least complex reflections, Lebedev has utilized shrewd layered surfaces to give the domed rooftops a specific sparkle. Shadows are pre-prepared into surfaces, and methods used to bypass Half-Life’s beasts are repurposed to make oil puddles.

Scaffolds squeak under strain and coverings tear open when dropped through. For hell’s sake, I wouldn’t be stunned if the single vehicle at Long-A had a larger number of polygons than an ordinary dispatch Counter-Strike map. It’s a finished change that may pester some Dust2 idealists, yet it’s accursed noteworthy to stroll around.

In all actuality, every one of these enhancements include some major disadvantages. You’ll require a bulky 128MB of RAM to run the guide. In any case, it gives the notable guide a genuine feeling of spot it never had—a more terrific, denser space that by the by holds that recognizable Dust2 feeling.

At any rate, it’s a reasonable piece more great than Valve’s own commemoration offering, which let CS:GO players run about on the first guide in the new motor. Dust2 2020 is accessible to download over on GameBanana.