Here’s Mario Kart in Halo

Indeed, we don’t have Mario Kart on PC (except if you imitate it). Yet, we do have the following best thing, and I don’t mean Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, albeit really it rules. I’m discussing Halo Kart, a mod by InfernoPlus that was delivered a year ago however is currently in the public eye again because of a post on the Halo subreddit.

Corona Kart takes five tracks from the Nintendo 64 variant of Mario Kart, changes them a bit, and afterward lets Spartans crouching on top of smaller than normal Warthogs free to race around them. It even has catalysts, despite the fact that obviously they’re Halo-themed as opposed to blue shells and banana strips.

To play Halo Kart you’ll require Halo Custom Edition, the free extra for the first PC arrival of Halo: Combat Evolved, rather the Master Chief Collection. Fix it up to 1.10 and adhere to the guidelines on InfernoPlus’ Patreon to get the mod and make it run. Get ready for Halo Kart to be carriage as hell, in light obviously it is. Those Halo Arrays were intended to clear out all life in the world, not be dashed across on kart-sized Pumas.