Here’s How You Can Track Bug Fixes In Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has had a number of bug fixes since it launched earlier this month. Developer Treyarch wants to keep players in-the-know about changes it’ll be making to the shooter so it’s created a Trello board. Players can check it to see the status of upcoming fixes.

“While this won’t serve as a comprehensive list of known issues (several of which are listed below), we’ll do our best to track the bigger issues of specific interest for the community here,” read a post on Treyarch’s official site. “You can also come here for details on how to report bugs on your specific platform, where to contact Player Support, and when to expect specific fixes to be released.”

The board includes known issues for both multiplayer and Zombies modes as well as general bugs the studio hopes to address quickly. It also has info on previous and upcoming updates as well as info on the Black Ops Cold War roadmap that begins on December 10.

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