Here’s Everything We Know About Call Of Duty Season 6

Season 6 of Call of Duty starts today at 11 PM PT and this latest update is jam-packed with new features. A new trailer teased what’s to come, but for those eager to know it all, here’s everything you need to know about what’s coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone.


To set the scene for Season 6, recently dispatched Nikolai and Farah discover a huge secret about Al Qatala’s operations in the city of Verdansk: They use the empty subway tunnels to travel unnoticed. By recommissioning the trains, Armistice is put back on track towards freedom from this dangerous international syndicate. These tunnels are key narratively and mechanically, as they facilitate this season’s new fast travel system in Warzone.

Fast Travel

The Metro is your new way to speed around Verdansk in Season 6. It combines pre-existing points of interest with new stations, so players will now have a high-risk, high-reward option while navigating the city.

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