Here’s everything added in today’s Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update

The fix makes a little nerf to the Cold War AUG, fixed some connection issues, and brings back assault helicopters.

We learned recently that the Call of Duty: Warzone middle of the season update would tip the scales at an astounding 134GB—or a moderately immaterial 52GB for those willing to shuck Modern Warfare off their PCs. That update went live the previous evening, which makes this a fine an ideal opportunity to look at the fix notes to perceive what’s changed.

Season Two Reloaded adds a couple of new administrators, the 20mm ZRG expert rifleman rifle, and new packages to Warzone, alongside new guides, modes, and highlights for Black Ops Cold War. More granular features in the fix incorporate an increment to the base backlash size of the Cold War AUG and a small bunch of connection changes: The Cavalry Lancer barrel presently increments damage done to vehicles, for example, and a few ADS terminating movement issues on scopes have been fixed.

Potentially significantly more intriguing a few things that aren’t in the fix notes, however that were seen by ModernWarzone: Zombie control PCs would now be able to be utilized to buy high-level things, there’s clearly another “Assault” execute mark that requires a key to buy, and assault helicopters are back:

In less cheerful news, a few players are detailing that the surprisingly versatile stim glitch is back, once more. That thing is demonstrating more enthusiastically to slaughter than Steven Seagal. The intangibility glitch revealed before the end of last year has additionally apparently made a rebound, which might be identified with the arrival of the choppers.

Assault helicopters were handicapped in December 2020 after players found that they could be utilized to trigger an imperceptibility misuse: Raven said at the time that they would be brought back “when the connected issues have been fixed,” however it’s conceivable the studio hopped the weapon a piece. We’ll inform you as to whether they get turned off again anytime sooner rather than later.

The full Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded fix notes are beneath.