Here’s Doom Eternal Streaming On A Smart Fridge Through Game Pass

Getting 1993’s Doom running on unusual devices has become a fun meme, with the most recent example being a monochrome version of the classic FPS running on a pregnancy test. Now, thanks to Xbox Game Pass and its recent addition of Doom Eternal, it’s possible to run the most recent Doom on even more devices–even a fridge.

Now that game streaming has come to Xbox Game Pass via Cloud Gaming, you can run your games through Android devices. It’s not just phones and tablets, either–one player has got the service up and running on their fancy smart fridge.

In an Instagram post, Richard Mallard (Twisted420) showed off Doom Eternal running on his Samsung smart fridge. It’s running through a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which has Smart View, allowing him to project the game through the fridge.

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