Here’s Breath of the Wild running in 8K with a ray tracing reshade

Above is some beautiful damn flawless film of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running at 8K with a beam followed worldwide light (RTGI) shader and some different pieces and bounces. It’s the Wii U variant going through the CEMU emulator, and the video is crafted by the Digital Dreams YouTube channel.

Notwithstanding the RTGI shader utilized, the video likewise has the REVO Reshade Redux mod applied, which gets rid of some of less exact parts of the game’s craft style while additionally taking out “brutal difference and immersion.” The RTGI shader is the one made by Pascal Gilcher, whose Patreon you can look at.

Of the support organizations, Nintendo is likely the most resolved to keep its first-party games selective. Shy of purchasing the game, unloading it and copying it, you’ll presumably never see Breath of the Wild resemble this on a Nintendo framework, except if the following Switch emphasis pulls some phenomenal stunts.