Here’s another Switch-a-like PC prototype, but it’s about time someone pulled the trigger

One year on from Alienware’s Project UFO we’re actually sitting on models with not a single delivery PC handhelds to be seen.

Right around one year on to the day from Alienware’s Project UFO declaration at CES 2020 we’re actually looking out for the guarantee of a Nintendo Switch-style smaller than expected PC. It’s cool, I’m not mad about it. Indeed, things are searching up for our convenient PC dream, as NEC Personal Computers (a joint endeavor among Lenovo and NEC Corp.) has declared a model for an item called the Lavie Mini that will do pleasantly… in the event that it really sends.

It looks like it, at any rate. Following the attempted and tried methodology, the Lavie Mini highlights twin regulators on one or the other side of a 8-inch touchscreen. That is a touch greater than the Nintendo Switch’s 6.2-inch touchscreen, and it’s additionally higher goal at 1920 x 1200. To adjust the Switch-a-like activity, there’s a discretionary dock connection for 4K60 TV yield, with extra USB Type-C and Type-A ports.

The Lavie Mini varies in two or three different ways critical for PC gaming. For one, it’s really a small 2-in-1, complete with little console that turns away behind the unit. It’s likewise controlled by Intel Xe designs and a Tiger Lake CPU in the Intel Core i7 1180G7 chip. That is a chip not as of now recorded on Intel’s ARK information base, however it has showed up in a few benchmarks shaking 96 EUs and a 15W TDP. That would have it sit beneath the 25W Core i7 1185G7, the current leader.

That chip additionally conveys Wi-Fi 6 help, and to adjust network there are two USB Type-C ports on the unit itself, an earphone and mouthpiece combo jack, and Bluetooth 5.1 help.

Inside there’s additionally a 256GB NVMe SSD, and 16GB of LPDDR4X RAM running at 4,266MHz viable. Those double channel sticks are patched, mind, as you may envision at this size, and thusly your part for the lifetime of this item.

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Despite the fact that that is not actually an issue you need stress over today, as this Lavie Mini remaining parts in model status for the course of CES 2021. Consequently no value, no accessibility. CES is a famous model objective, and a year ago the Alienware Project UFO conveyed a comparable item for us to stare at. Tragically, that hasn’t come around the entire year, yet there is one promising sign for scaled down PC fans searching for a fix.

That is the GPD Win 3, an item that is destined to be accessible on Indiegogo and prone to really dispatch from that point forward, based on the organization’s history with such ventures.

So maybe we’ll see a greater amount of the Lenovo x NEC Corp Lavie Mini eventually, maybe not. In any event we’re seeing some further interest in the idea, and that should mean probably some accessibility in 2021. Fingers crossed.