Here’s an oversized rumble motor obliterating a gaming PC playing Crysis. You’re welcome

This video has been the feature of my week up until now.

To damnation with powerless heart thunder highlights in the rear of regulators. At any rate that is the thing that I accept experienced the brain of Jatin Patel from YouTube channel Teenenggr before they approached making something a whole lot greater.

Watching Patel attempting to keep a consistent point in Crysis while a 250-Volt acceptance engine apparently shakes their whole house to bits must be quite possibly the most engaging recordings I’ve observed the entire week. And everything I do in my extra time is scroll interminably through Tik Tok, so that is a remarkable commendation.

You can look at Patel’s creation in the video above (great spot, Kotaku) or look at their site for additional manifestations. Counting such things as a mechanical road band, or this dubstep plate woofer? I don’t have the foggiest idea what it is or how it functions, all I know is I must experience that thing direct.

Which all makes them think how far will PC gamers go for the sake of complete drenching? We’ve had smell-o-vision, unreasonable thunder vests, and computer generated reality. What’s next? The enmity from the Assassin’s Creed film?