Here’s an absolutely gorgeous Doom map called Lullaby

Set your RGB to greenish blue for most extreme satisfaction while playing.

Cradlesong is a rambling, excellent guide for Doom 2 that puts the level and visual plan of some undeniable, costly games to disgrace. Made by mapper-modder Danlex for Doom port GZDoom, it’s a demonstration of the game plan abilities that lay somewhere down in the networks of modders and mappers for old games.

Cradlesong does stunning things on the off chance that you know the limitations of the first Doom motor, and it does them well. It’s an actually engaged creation, with a great deal of accentuation put on what it looks like, the tasteful, feeling of spot, and strange, dream-like nature of the climate. It’s not very super hard, even, so in the event that you need to go at it as a Doom amateur that is completely fine. It requires about an hour to play through.