Here’s a bit more detail about that in-engine Stalker 2 trailer

Counting the epithet of Stalker’s new hero—Skif.

In a post on the authority Xbox blog, GSC Game World has given a touch of depiction to that in-motor mystery trailer from early January. Stalker 2’s hero is Skif, whose eyes we see through in the secret video. That is the character’s Stalker name, recollect, as Stalkers don’t utilize their genuine names. (They are crooks, all things considered.) According to GSC’s post, Skif’s activities “will shape the new excellent part throughout the entire existence of the Zone.”

Maybe most satisfyingly for me, the trailer scene is affirmed to occur in the demolished primary school on the edges of Pripyat, which is the place where I got it was at that point. The uproarious, thundering clamor outside during the trailer is affirmed by GSC to be an emanation, the impacts of energy from the focal point of the Zone that mean Stalkers need to seek shelter inside or face horrifying results. (Demise, the outcomes are passing.) That’s the reason Skif is in a rush in the trailer: He needs cover from the emanation ASAP.

At last, the guitar block is brought up to be Life Line, by “celebrated Russian musical gang Splean.” Neat.

GSC additionally says advancement is “advancing easily,” affirming RTX uphold and 4k goal on the Xbox Series X—something you can securely accept will likewise come to PC. They’re as yet not prepared to give a delivery date.