Hearthstone’s overdue rebalance is coming ‘early next week’

As Ben “RidiculousHat” Goodman brought up yesterday, the Hearthstone meta has slid into lunacy. In a real sense, on account of the Deck of Lunacy card making the No Minion Mage deck a steady disturbance for every individual who isn’t playing one, while Paladin decks are additionally ruling. As Goodman expressed, “Every other person is trying in vain.”

That is going to change, albeit maybe not soon enough for everybody’s preferring. As Hearthstone lead architect Alec Dawson said on Twitter today, “Equilibrium changes [are] to go out right on time one week from now with 20.0.2. We’ll be focusing on certain cards in Mage, Paladin, Rogue, and Neutral. Wanting to make more space for experimentation in the early Barrens meta and have a more assorted field of classes. 6 changes altogether, subtleties just around the corner.”

While changes to Mage and Paladin are gladly received, Rogue appears to be somewhat strange. Rebel decks are as of now positioned underneath Hunter as far as winrate, at number four as indicated by HSReplay.net. Fingers crossed my double-crossing companions don’t get a drive-by nerf they don’t merit while equity is being conveyed to the Paladins and Mages.

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