Hearthstone’s Darkmoon Races mini-set is live, China-themed bundles and hero portraits on the way

Four new saint pictures, and references to a ‘Three Kingdoms Bundle,’ have been added to the assortment.

It would appear that Blizzard may before long be commending the Chinese New Year in Hearthstone. The new Darkmoon Races smaller than normal set is presently live, and covered up inside the update  are four new saint representations, every one of which makes references to a formerly obscure “Three Kingdoms Bundle.”

The new representations are cool—the craftsmanship is decent—however the truly fascinating piece is by they way they’re acquired: Through the acquisition of the Three Kingdoms Bundle or Mini-Bundle, the Guan Yu Uther Bundle, or the Zhuge Liang Anduin Bundle. What are these groups? We don’t have a clue—they haven’t been reported at this point.

I’ve contacted Blizzard for more data and will refresh in the event that I get an answer. The Chinese New Year, incidentally—achieving the Year of the Ox—happens on February 12.

There’s really one more Priest representation that has been added to the assortment:  SI:7 Anduin. This will probably be delivered close by the Book of Anduin, which is the following portion in the Book of Heroes PvE arrangement.

We’ll be refreshing our manual for the best Hearthstone decks once the Darkmoon Races meta shakes out the pioneers from the layabouts.