Hearthstone hotfix will stop sneaky Shamans from exploiting spell damage totems

Not any more moving Wrath of Air you dingy cheats.

Hearthstone’s most recent development went live recently, and any reasonable person would agree I’ve been having loads of fun with Forged in the Barrens. Indeed, there are a few decks which right now feel harshly solid—No Minion Mage and Secret Paladin specifically, also those bothersome Watch Posts—but rather as is regularly the situation around yearly set pivot, the newness from such countless old cards departing Standard is keeping me lining.

In any case, it’s likewise reasonable for say that this has been one of the buggier rollouts as of late, which is justifiable given the quantity of central frameworks being changed, what with the new presentation of Classic mode and the Core set to likewise fight with. Subsequently, on Monday, April 5, a hotfix will be conveyed that tends to a great deal of the issues found up until this point.

You can peruse the full rundown of fixes on the Blizzard gathering here, however among the more remarkable are giving Manrik’s Wife* a Mana cost so she can be played from hand, and keeping Silverleaf Poison from drawing two cards when applied to the Kingsbane weapon in Wild.

The most intriguing change, as far as I might be concerned, is: “Fixed a bug where Totemic Call could in any case give the Wrath of Air Totem when playing with certain Shaman Hero skins.”

For setting, with the dispatch of Forged in the Barrens, the Shaman legend power was changed so it could at this point don’t roll the Wrath of Air Totem (which is the one that awards +1 Spell Damage.) It was supplanted with the Strength Totem, which gives an agreeable follower +1 Attack toward the finish of your turn. Or if nothing else that is the thing that Blizzard thought had occurred.

Incidentally, in the event that you played with Shaman saint skins other than the default Thrall one, you could in any case gather Wrath of Air, which demonstrated especially pertinent in light of the fact that Shaman’s present deck—like this twofold Doomhammer variation—utilizes Spell Damage. I don’t know precisely what skins are influenced, but rather can affirm that the Lady Vashj and Thunder King ones work. As a few Control Warlock adversaries have found to their expense.

Clearly, you can’t be sure that your adversary thinks about the bug and is misusing to acquire an exceptionally negligible edge, except if you line into Clarkinator, on the grounds that I certainly will be. Those 15 successes I need for my 1K Shaman picture won’t Doomhammer themselves, y’know.

[*In case you’re considering what the arrangement is with Manrik’s Wife in any case, this ought to help.]