Happy Death Day 3 Gets Update From Freaky Director

Fans of the Happy Death Day movies continue to hold out hope of a third film to close out the trilogy–and producer Jason Blum has already told GameSpot he views the project as something that he has to make. What’s the status of the film at the moment, though?

To find out the answer to that, we went right to the source. While speaking to director Chris Landon about his newest movie, Freaky, we couldn’t help but ask if a third Happy Death Day movie will be announced soon. “I don’t think soon is a real distinct possibility right now,” he said. “But luckily, the idea that I have for the third movie doesn’t rely on it being right the second, which is a good thing.”

As for what that idea is, Landon wasn’t ready to share any details. However, when asked how the film would compare to Happy Death Day 2U, which made a pretty hard turn away from classic slasher into the realm of sci-fi, the director teased a bit of what to expect. “The third one was going in a completely other weird direction that I thought was unexpected and also super fun,” he said.

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